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Monday, April 14, 2014

More of Spring Break 2014

Words we try to remember and live by.

Luke and Mr. Chris 

Who says occupational therapy has to be boring? 

Check out this obstacle course that Luke and Mr. Chris planned out, built and then completed.

Digging and diving for heavy bean bags that were hidden in the ball pit

Begging for his own Krazy Kar

Handwriting Without Tears 

Vertical practice 

Getting our Vitamin Z

Carousel riding

Searching for seals

 Straight silliness

Posing with the polar bear

Building his own very own bear

Naming and registering his new bear with Maggie's help

Pics with the Easter Bunny at Twelve Oaks Mall

Bunny Town

The Adventure Park 

Fierce selfies 

Zip lining


Heading out 

They couldn't get enough of these courses. 

Beautiful weather in these gorgeous surroundings 


Ice cream and cake 


More silliness 

Heading home. It went by way too quickly. And I am still wrapping my head around the fact that we have been to MI seven times. Seven. Seven amazing trips that are filled with milestones and memories.